History / Info


The Townley Water Authority Inc. is a public utility serving Townley, Alabama. It was incorporated in 1967. Its three board members are appointed by the Walker County Commissioners for six year staggered terms. In addition to serving the community of Townley, we also serve customers that live in the outlying areas of Oakman, Jasper and Carbon Hill areas.

The Townley Water Authority serves approximately 2,050 population or 815 active customers and consist of:

  • Sources: A contract exist to purchase a maximum of 7,000,000 gallons per month from the Jasper Waterworks & Sewer Board.
  • Water Treatment: None
  • Storage Facilities: One (1) 200,000 gallon ground storage tank (O.F. elevation 612.5 ft MSL).
  • Booster Pump Station: One (1) booster pump station with a pumping capacity of 100 GPM.
  • Distribution System Piping: Approximately 63 miles of water main of cast/ductile Iron and PVC.

Office Info

Office hours: 8am – 12pm, Monday thru Friday
Phone: 205-924-8410
Fax: 205-924-8914
After hours phone: 205-931-1519
The after-hour number is for Emergency Repairs. Please do not call the after-hours number for a billing question.

Board Members

  • Rodney Mcgough, Chairman
  • James N. Patton
  • Tommy Burgett

Board meeting are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 12pm at the Water Office.



  • Alan Self (Outside Operator)
  • Danny Haynes (Part Time Laborer)


  • Rita Wade (Office Manager)
  • Cheryl Cooner (Part Time Clerk)
Contact Info


119 Main St
Townley, AL 35587


(205) 924-8410

Emergency / After Hours

(205) 931-1519